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For years, we’ve inspired thousands to come together and begin a journey of positive, lasting change. To move more. To eat well. To connect with others. To celebrate their victories. To overcome their challenges. To reach what they never thought was possible.
Today, wellness has become a social phenomenon. Even though people are thinking in healthier ways, they aren’t getting healthier. Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. We can help solve that paradox.
With ShreeHerbalindia Garcinia Cambogia (70% HCA) You will no longer need to depend on any other product to keep your body fit and healthy. ShreeHerbalindia products are all you will need in order to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Garcinia- The Miraculous Weight Loss Formula

How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you happy with the body you have? Well, if you aren’t then you have come to the right place. All of us want a perfect body but our schedule keeps us busy and time is of the essence. What if we told you we have found a cure to your unwanted fats to disappear without rigorous diet and gym? Start Burning Your Fats Today

Our researchers have found a miraculous weigh loss fruit from the exotic jungles of Southeast Asia. The locals spoke of a legendary magical fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia, sometimes called tamarind. Shaped like a small pumpkin, observers noticed that the fruit was being eaten raw in its natural form or as a flavoring agent by what seemed to be the healthiest people.

With one major goal in mind, the makers of Shree Herbal India Garcinia uncovered the secrets and created a magical weight loss supplement. Join the revolutionary movement and be a part of this weight loss revolution.

Ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia Herb Extract (HCA) – 70%
Green Tea Extract – 25%
Guggul Extract – 5%

How to use Garcinia Cambogia Piece?

1 piece twice a day, 30 mins before the meal with lukeworm or normal water. It is considered the best time because the garcinia cambogia extract is highly soluble in water and of course you would like that your body completely absorbs the supplement.

If you take garcinia cambogia extract during the meals, then our body might not be able to dissolve it completely as the body would be busy breaking down the food. So, the best time to take garcinia cambogia supplement is 30 to 60 minutes before meals, so that it dissolves completely and the serotonin level has risen good enough. Just to mention, serotonin plays an important role in regulating our appetite and digestion and indirectly helps in fighting obesity.
For more effective use: Drink plenty of water, Avoid Junk Food, Regularly Take Shree Herbal India organic piece. Advised to take the slab for 12 weeks or 3 months.

Who Can Use Garcinia Cambogia?

Anyone and everyone can use this healthy weight loss supplement. It can safely be used by men, women, boys, and girls of all ages. Some individuals may have to take different doses of Garcinia Cambogia piece as directed, depending on their body weight and their lifestyle.
The weight loss supplement will be extremely beneficial for people who are obese and overweight and who can do an exercise program only after shedding some weight.

You can control your weight by consuming pure Garcinia Cambogia Piece. The very important point to be get noticed is that there are no side effects, no nausea, and no headaches.
The ingredients used are completely organic and natural. You will notice a remarkable increase in stamina and energy. The one miracle name “Garcinia Cambogia” is fully loaded with surprising benefits and illustrated as a healthy supplement to weight loss.
With your busy lifestyle, it often becomes difficult to go to a gym or doing any exercise and include long hours of workout in your schedule. Garcinia Cambogia is an easy and healthy way to lose a weight regardless of your tight schedule.
Buy Garcinia today and change your lifestyle, physical appearance and look more self-reliant and confident.

Our Satisfied Customers Reviews

Dhruvisha Chauhan

This product is so good that it makes the process of losing weight super easy. Take this regularly and you are sure to notice the difference.

State – Gujarat, City – Vadodara

Sk janipasha

Would highly recommend the product. Have been taking since a while now and can see a remarkable difference.

State – Telangana, City – Huzurnagar

Yuma maheswararao

Nice Product, the product is Really testy and responsible for good health. Strongly recommended and with reasonable price. Simply superb.

State – Andra Pradesh, City – Korukonda


Recently i purchase this product for remove fat from my body. This is really best product for fat remove from body .I am getting very good results by using this product. happy with this purchase.

State – Kerala, City – Trissur

Puja Shrma

I was a bit skeptical in using weight loss products but this really worked wonders. Though results might vary from person to person but it really works. My appetite reduced and even my belly fat without any exercise. It might work faster if you exercise as well.

State – Punjab, City – Jalandhar

Puja Shrma

Having these weight loss tablets since the last 5 days! So I had been working out but my weight loss rate was very very slow , so I just came across this and tried, I’ve lost 1.2 kg in the last 5 days already where it had stood still for a few weeks. Along with this, also work out .I have it twice a day and jog too.

State – Maharashtra, City – Pune

Manoj Goswami

I am finally seeing some results with ShreeHerbalIndia Garcinia Cambodia and I love it! The first 4 weeks of waiting was a little rough but I’m finally having help with curbing my appetite and cravings. My mom has had amazing results with little activity. I’m fairly active now by which I going to office by cycle only. I feel great taking this product. I have been able to cut down on overeating the bad carbs. This makes me feel good about myself. I highly recommend taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract for those who need that little extra help in losing weight.

State – Uttar Pradesh City – Agra


Losing weight for the summer has begun with adding this supplement to my diet. I am losing weight slowly but surely. The product has no aftertaste and is easy to use. I am adding working out also to keep the burn going. I think using this product really helps.

State – Karnataka, City – Hubli

Subrata Chakraborty

If you want to lose weight, I highly recommended Shree Herbal India Garcinia Cambodia! It’s completely healthy and easy to follow! Within 30 days I reduced 5kgs.

State – West Bengal, City – CHAKDAHA

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